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Telecomgurus.in was founded to connect top talent with premier employers in the telecom and IT industries. Telecomgurus.in is designed to be a complete online telecommunications and IT employment center, and ultimately, the web’s best telecom job site. This is achieved by enabling your company to attract the industry’s top professionals for your current needs. Unlike expensive general sites that don’t specialize in both telecom and IT, we can help your company affordably target only the most qualified applicants. Further, because Telecomgurus.in offers the resources professionals use on a daily basis, we also attract the prized passive candidates – telecom and IT professionals who may not have come to our site to find a job, but aren’t leaving until they have checked out the available jobs.

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Use this high-speed networking tool to search thousands of the best telecom and IT job listings. It takes just a couple of minutes to post your resume in simple text or HTML with our resume formatting feature. Our search agent will then automatically notify you via e-mail when we find a position that might interest you. The Telecomgurus.in website is owned by Wireless Telecom Services.